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About Earthsave

  • Born in 2017, paving the way for a sustainable future.
  • Embrace the green revolution with their 100% eco-friendly products.
  • From novice to expert, they transformed unskilled women into talented tailors.
  • Their factories thrive in the heart of rural Karnataka, India, with one rural and three semi-rural locations.
  • Witness their state-of-the-art in-house printing setup as it churns out a staggering production capacity of 150,000 bags per day.
  • Empowering rural women is our collective mission, with 95% of the dedicated workforce comprising strong, independent women.

our mission and vision

By virtue of the aligning values, Miella supports and promotes Earthsave and its cause in the UAE.

Together, let's break the chains of poverty and forge a path to sustainable livelihoods, fostering a brighter community and a world our children deserve. Help Earth save us.

We envision a thriving future where our expansive and sustainable eco-commerce enterprise paves the way to a cleaner, greener planet. Let's join forces to create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Earthsave has trained unskilled women in the art of cutting, printing and sewing, which enables them to employ more than 500 such women from the weakest section of our society and empowering them to be self reliant.

We are deeply committed to the cause of uplifting such marginalized women and giving them a place in mainstream society.

More than INR 120 million has been infused in Mandya, a rural economy by way of wages, salaries and other factory expenses. About 30% of the revenue goes to empowering more women.

Earthsave's achievements

  • Earthsave proudly claimed victory as the South Zone champions in the prestigious Leaders of Tomorrow competition hosted by ET Now.
  • Startup India recognised the potential and honoured them as the winners of the Promising Startup award.
  • SiliconIndia recognised the commitment to eco-friendliness and bestowed upon them, the esteemed title of "10 Best Eco-Friendly Products Startups 2021" .